Ventanex LIFT —our proprietary transaction technology platform— streamlines and integrates the total management of online bill payments and messaging. LIFT is robust, secure and totally configurable. It’s cloud-based and scalable—so it’s exactly as powerful as you need it to be.

Each year, the Ventanex LIFT online payment system processes billions of dollars of inbound and outbound payments and millions of digital and print messages. It gives you access to all of our services—from one easy access point.

LIFT unifies data from your internal and third-party systems to give you consolidated control from one convenient dashboard. You can manage and track the entire lifecycle of a payment or message— with ironclad data security, built-in regulatory compliance and powerful reporting.

LIFT is developed here, enhanced here and supported here. And because it’s SaaS, there’s no software to buy, install or manage—and implementation and integration are easy. We do the heavy lifting—understanding your business needs, recommending best practices and writing customized business rules that make LIFT work the way you do.

Money and Message Move Friction Free

Ventanex makes connecting with customers—to receive payments, send payments and communicate— fast, easy and efficient. No friction. No turbulence. Just a smooth glide through our LIFT cloud-based payment transaction platform.

LIFT encourages the shift from paper to digital and from human to automated— improving customer convenience, lowering your costs and enhancing compliance.

Latest technology

We rebuilt LIFT from the ground up in 2011 with the latest cloud-based tools and technology—so it’s scalable, configurable and secure. Many of our competitors are still stuck patching and reskinning legacy web and mainframe applications.

Full integration

LIFT is the only platform that combines services and support for payment and messaging management. The LIFT engine powers the entire range of inbound, outbound payment and messaging options. Our open-architecture makes it easy to integrate with third-party source systems and legacy platforms.

Complete lifecycle management

LIFT gives you total visibility and tracking of every payment and communication—at every step of the process and in real time. We’re the only company that provides full reconciliation—ensuring the integrity of every transaction and reducing the time and money you spend to research and resolve exceptions.

Manager and agent portal

All of LIFT’s brainpower is at your command through one easy-to-use portal. You can manage payments and messages, reconcile payments, generate reports and more. Secure user management lets you provide your agents with the exact views and functions they need to research issues and serve customers better.

Customer portals

LIFT PAY—LIFT’s managed web portal—gives your customers a convenient, secure way to make and receive payments and set up messaging. We can custom-brand them to match your company’s identity and personality. You can also use our convenient API to add functionality to your own site.

Analytics and reporting

LIFT’s analytics give you a 360-degree view of critical financial and operational performance metrics to drive accountability and decision-making. Use the complete menu of standardized reports—or let us create customized analytics to meet your needs.

Easy implementation

LIFT is a fully hosted and managed SaaS solution. There’s no software to buy, and updates happen automatically. We configure LIFT to interface with your systems and file formats, follow your rules and streamline your processes.

System and data security

Your data is backed up, safe and secure. Our high-availability configuration includes redundant networks, servers and storage. And our disaster recovery business continuity plans meet the industry’s highest standards.

Risk management and compliance

We’re PCI-Level 1 and CAQH Core III certified, our environment is SSAE 16 audited, we’re ACA, HIPAA and CFPB compliant, and we have a full-time compliance officer on our team. We’ve built compliance into the very core of LIFT—and can set up additional rules to make sure your processes meet legal and regulatory requirements.

Superb, onshore customer support

Your dedicated account team in Texas is always here to help you get the most from Ventanex services. And our bilingual onshore agents are available to answer and make customer calls 24 hours a day, every day of the year.