LIFT makes it easy to craft, design and send smart, accurate, cost-effective customer messaging—perfectly integrated with payment processing.

LIFT integrates with your customer relationship management system for easy data import and export. Or use LIFT as your platform for managing lists and defining targets of your messaging initiatives. Automatic checks against the National Change of Address database keep addresses up to date.

List management

LIFT makes it easy to compose, format and route electronic and print messages for internal approval. As drafts advance, you have a comprehensive history of versions, edits, approvals, production and release—with multiple quality control checks and unmatched control.

Composition, approval and release

LIFT’s custom intelligent processing lets you trigger messaging based on specific customer status and account activity, communicate with customers based on their states preferences and set up zone, group and department-level business rules.

Dynamic contexting

LIFT lets you track and manage the trajectory of every message—from initiation and processing to delivery, receipt and response. Our intelligent mail tracking can reroute individual or groups of mail—with or without action on your part.


LIFT is your online hub for message lifecycle management. Your entire message history and library is indexed for easy retrieval and use. Access materials through LIFT or our hosted application on your own website or portal.

Document management and storage

By linking you in real time with our expert in-house production department, LIFT lets you monitor every step in the process. Advanced automation—combined with an unfailing human attention to detail—ensures that every piece is matched and mailed correctly.

Automated production