LIFT uses built-in intelligence, payment best practices and your customized business rules to guide and streamline outbound payments.

LIFT dynamically receives, formats and processes approved payments and messages—on any schedule from any source system, LIFT can accept files in any format and pay from multiple accounts.

Payment request processing

LIFT lets you manage, hold and release payments based on your business rules. We pay recipients based on their preferences—and encourage them to select options that improve efficiency and lower your costs.

Dynamic contexting

LIFT reviews, repairs and retries payments that don’t make it due to bad addresses or other errors. We don’t stop until your payment’s been accepted.

Exception management

LIFT tracks the entire lifecycle of a payment from initiation to completion—complete with postal records and bank images to ensure integrity of delivery and receipt.


LIFT tracks the flow of funds and maintain balances in all accounts—so you always know where your money is in real time.


LIFT makes it easy to communicate with customers by portal, email or mail—to let them know a payment’s available, provide documentation, facilitate tracking and provide updates.

Integrated messaging